The biggest best man mistakes

The most common mistakes made by the best man!

The biggest best man mistakes
Best men be warned... Image: Getty Images

Being best man is a huge honour and gives you the opportunity to make a potentially hilarious/heart-warming speech. However there are a few common pitfalls that we’ve seen too many best men make…


The dirty jokes
Yes, you do want your speech to be funny but staying on the right side of appropriate can be tricky. Write your jokes and anecdotes down and revisit them later to see if you still think they’re okay. Once you have a first draft read it in front of someone whose opinion you value (your mum or dad can be handy here). Just remember grandparents and little kids will be there, so keep the really awful stag do shenanigans within the wolfpack.

Internet overload
When writing your speech do lots of research – read some tips, watch some videos on YouTube and get advice from your mates, but never EVER copy and paste paragraphs and use them as your own. Nothing sounds as insincere and chances are someone at the wedding will have heard them before…

Forgetting the nice bits
Do get some laughs, but don’t forget to share the love with your friends and remember to say something genuinely heartfelt about the lovely couple.


Getting too drunk
A little bit of Dutch courage is fine, but if you’re hitting the Jager bombs at 11.30am you’ve gone too far. A swaying, slurred speech is never good.

Getting the groom drunk
Yes, the groom will probably be nervous but it’s the best man’s job to get him to the church on time (and sober) so keep one eye on his hip flask.

Spilling on the dress
Once the big speech is done you’ll want to party, but whatever your do don’t give the bride a full on bear hug while carrying a pint in each hand – we’ve seen it – it’s messy and there will be tears.

Pulling a bridesmaid
It seems like a good idea and some would argue it’s tradition, but in our experience it equates to months of awkwardness where you’re too scared to go round and see the newlyweds in case she’s there.

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