Secrets to a seriously fun wedding reception

Genius ways to make your wedding reception a whole lot of fun.

Secrets to a seriously fun wedding reception
Have fun with your guests. Image: Dottie Photography

Have ridiculous amounts of fun at your wedding reception with these unique ideas. Guaranteed to ensure you and your guests have the Best. Night. Ever.

Give your seating plan some thought
We know you’ve probably already had a few sleepless nights about the seating plan, but it is important to make sure everyone feels comfortable and relaxed during the wedding breakfast.

It might seem like a good idea to mix things up and maybe do a little matchmaking, but at the end of the day your guests are there for you and to catch up with old friends and family, so generally it’s a good idea to seat them with people they already know.


Keep kids happy
One thing that’s guaranteed to kill the happy atmosphere? Screaming children. Do what you can to make your big day as much fun for them as possible. Give them a little party pack with bubbles, colouring-in books and maybe a few games or you could even hire some special entertainment, like a bouncy castle, just for them.

Children's entertainment pack. Image: Pinterest

Don’t let speeches run over
Don’t get us wrong, everyone will love your speeches – but even adults have a limited attention span and an hour on your Girl Guides achievements can be a little draining.

Ideally speeches shouldn’t be over 15 minutes long (10 minutes is best) so remind all your speechmakers that you’d like to keep things short and sweet so everyone can get on with the party.

Interactive food stations are always a winner
Whether it’s a simple sweetie bar with cute personalised paper bags, or something more unusual (like a nacho and dips bar!) guests love food they can get involved with.

Nacho chip bar. Image: Pinterest

Plan some surprise entertainment
Consider a wandering Mariachi band, a magician to break the ice or even some singing waiters (who after serving your guests food, will suddenly break out into song). Some surprise entertainment will get everyone talking and be a lasting reminder of your big day.


Have a dancing dress
Your 5ft train is seriously beautiful, but not ideal for busting the moves on the dancefloor. If you can, find a more relaxed dress for dancing the night away, so you can get involved with your guests.

Image: Instagram/Rime Arodaky

Play music everyone can dance to
Your fiancé might be a huge Slipknot fan, but that four-hour playlist of hardcore goth-rock isn’t going to get Granny on the dancefloor. Include those classic dance floor hits that everyone knows and loves to ensure that floor stays full (mingled with a few of your own faves - natch).


Don’t let anyone go hungry
This is probably the first rule of wedding receptions. A hungry guest is an unhappy guest, so make sure you serve a filling wedding breakfast and plenty of snacks to keep your everyone topped up throughout the day.

Late-night snack joy
After a few too many G&Ts and a lot of dancing, everyone needs some carby sustenance. Serve up a huge selection of cheese and chutneys, some late-night toasties or chip butties all round.

Image: Pinterest 

Photo booth!
Because everyone loves donning a long pink wig and some oversized glasses. Fact.

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