The wedding venue rules you need to know

Common wedding venue conundrums and how to cope with them!

The wedding venue rules you need to know
What you need to know about wedding venues. Image: Nick Ray

Before you start looking around wedding venues, here are some common venue issues you need to be aware of (and how to deal with them)…

1. Outdoor space
If your venue has beautiful grounds, check you’re allowed access to them all, both for photographs and for guests to mingle. It’s also worth finding out if there’s a time at which all guests have to move inside so you can add it into your big day plan.

2. Stilettos
Venues with wooden or sprung floors may not allow you and your guests to wear stilettos. Make sure you let guests know in your invitations, and find out from the venue exactly what they class as ‘stilettos’ to avoid any confusion!


3. Red wine
Some venues with antique furnishings won’t allow you to serve red wine, or other liquids that will stain. It might seem extreme, but just think, now you can relax and not worry about red wine spillage over your pristine white train. Phew!

4. Suppliers
It’s not uncommon for venues to have caterers that you have to use, and the same may go for other suppliers, such as florists. Check before booking how much flexibility you have and be reassured that your venue will have chosen suppliers who know the space and will be the best at what they’re doing.

5. Music
Venues have to have a licence to play live music, and will also have a time at which music has to be turned off. Check the timings and don’t fret too much if they seem early – remember your guests will have been celebrating since the afternoon so will probably be ready for bed.

6. Minimum spend
Regardless of how many guests you’re having, some venues will ask that you spend over a certain amount on catering in order to secure your day there. This usually isn’t a problem if you’re inviting lots of guests, but can be an issue for smaller weddings.


7. Overnight accommodation
If your venue has guest accommodation, they might specify that you have to book out a certain number of rooms as part of your package. If this is the case, double-check that you have enough friends and family members who’ll want to stay in them, and that they aren’t priced out of their budget before booking.

8. Ceremony room capacities
Ask how many guests can be seated in the ceremony room at your venue, and don’t invite a couple more people on the basis that you can squash them in. The capacities given can’t be exceeded due to health and safety regulations and Granny does not want to be left outside!

9. Confetti
Some places aren’t keen on having to clear up the aftermath of your confetti moment, and others will ask that you only use biodegradable versions. Natural petals not only look beautiful, but they smell incredible too – bonus.

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