7 mistakes brides make when wedding dress shopping

Avoid these wedding dress shopping errors

7 mistakes brides make when wedding dress shopping
Don't make these wedding dress shopping errors!

About to start shopping for your dream wedding dress? Well before you step into a bridal boutique make sure you’re not making one of the all-too-common wedding dress shopping mistakes.

1. Bringing all your school friends, your mum, your nana and your cat
Okay, so this may be a bit of an exaggeration, but there are many brides who can’t quite resist inviting everyone and anyone along on a shopping trip. Although this may seem like a good idea at the time (woo hoo! Party in the boutique!) too many voices can be overwhelming and make it all the more difficult to find a dress you love.

Bring along one or two close friends or family who you trust to give you an honest (yet positive!) opinion.

2. Not having an open mind
Look online and in magazines to get an idea of styles/designers you like but don’t be too rigid in your tastes. Chances are you won’t have tried on a white ball gown before so you’ll have no idea what might suit you.

Trust the boutique stylist and take their suggestions onboard. It never hurts to try a few wild cards on – you may end up finding your dress!

3. Trying on too many dresses
Too many options can cause lots of confusion. Resist trying on every dress in the store and try and narrow it down to maybe five or six that you really love. Avoid visiting lots of boutiques all on one day as you’ll probably end up crying in a pile of tulle.


4. Trying on a dress out of your budget
Before you go dress shopping make sure you have your budget in mind! Don’t go trying on dresses way over your price limit (just to see what they look like) or you may end up falling in love and either being forced to abandon your dream dress or take out a second mortgage – yikes!

5. Forgetting about alteration costs
Almost every dress will need some alterations and unfortunately these aren’t included in the price. Set aside about 20% of your budget just in case and remember accessories, underwear and shoes need to be accounted for too!

6. Ordering in the wrong size
Alterations can cost even more if you need to change the size. Many brides-to-be set themselves a goal weight for the wedding and forget to account for all that stress-snacking and late-night red wine drinking. Be realistic with your size goals and if in doubt just order for your current shape.


7. Expecting ‘the one’ moment
Most brides expect that when they put on their dress they’ll instantly fall in love and they and everyone else will be in floods of happy tears. Well, sometimes this happens, but more often then not it doesn’t. Most brides-to-be will feel happy in their dress, love the style, but maybe have a few small tweaks in mind.

Don’t worry if it isn’t 100% perfect (yet!) or worry that you’re mum didn’t tear up – as long as you love it and can’t wait to wear it again – that’s all that matters. 

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