7 weird things about wedding dress shopping

Wedding dress shopping is not like normal shopping…

7 weird things about wedding dress shopping
The things no one tells you about wedding dress shopping. Image: Getty Images

Not sure what to expert from your bridal boutique appointment? Here are seven weird things no one tells you about wedding dress shopping...

1. You have to make an appointment
If you just turn up to a boutique and hope you’ll be able to try on some dresses (especially on the weekend). You need to book an appointment in advance and you may be asked to pay as well (this will probably be redeemable against any purchases).

2. It’s only you who’ll be trying anything on
Got some over-excited bridesmaids who want to throw on a gown too? Boutique appointments are pretty sacred, and it’s only the bride who will be trying on any wedding dresses. Rightly so really, it is all about you.


3. You might have to take your shoes off before browsing
Yes, you and your guests may well be asked to remove your shoes before entering the shop.

Imagine if you had lots of very expensive, beautiful white dresses all in one place… you probably wouldn’t want any outside dirt coming in either.

4. You might not be able to try on your size
Most boutiques only have dresses in one of two sizes to try on, so prepare for some pinning/squeezing!

The boutique will only order in your size, once you’ve decided to buy, and they’ll order in your brand new gown just for you.


5. You will probably have someone in the changing room with you
Generally wedding dresses aren’t easy things to get on, and you will need some help to make sure it’s all done up correctly (and for any pinning). Wear nude/white underwear and don’t be shy! They’ve seen it all before.

6. You may well end up standing on a pedestal in the middle of the room
A lot of boutiques direct you to stand on a pedestal in front of the mirror so you can admire the train. Be prepared for the fact that this might be in the middle of the boutique and some other shoppers may be watching (time to practice those bridal poses!).


7. The experts know best
The sales assistants are there to make sure you find your dream dress and they know how to do it! Be open to their suggestions and try on a few wild cards you might not have considered it otherwise – you may well find the one…

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