Your final wedding dress fitting – what you need to know

The dos and don’ts of your last wedding dress fitting. The things you need to know before you finalise those alterations.

Your final wedding dress fitting – what you need to know
Nail that final dress fitting. Image: Getty Images

You've might've found your dream wedding dress, but unless you’re ridiculously lucky, you’ll probably need a few alterations. After one or two adjustment sessions, you should be ready for your final wedding dress fitting (ideally four-two weeks before the big day). Here’s how to make sure you leave your final fitting clutching a wedding dress that fits you like a glove.


Bring your wedding shoes
Going to you dress fitting in 1-inch platforms and planning to wear 3-inch Jimmy Choos for the big day is a recipe for disaster. Bring along your big day shoes to try on with your wedding dress and get a correct hem-length.

Wear the right lingerie/shapewear
Same goes for your underwear. Make sure you dress fits correctly around the bust and avoid any odd lumps or bumps by wearing the underwear you intend to wear on the big day – don’t be embarrassed of whipping out the Spanx – all brides do it!


Do fit for your current shape
Planning on losing a few more pounds before the big day?It's best not to get too fixated on this. As this is your final fitting, this is last time, your seamstress will get to fit the dress properly. Let them do it for your current shape and your dress (and you!) will both look beautiful on the big day.

Ask a lot of questions
Is it safe to iron your dress or is it steamer/dry-clean only? How should it be stored? Make sure you know how to put the dress on properly and avoid a wedding-morning breakdown!

Bring along a friend
Getting into a wedding dress can be a complicated process. Bring along your maid of honour, mum or someone who’ll be with you on your wedding morning to learn how to help you get into your wedding dress. This is particularly important for corset backs, layered skirts and tight fishtail gowns. It’s a good idea to work out a strategy for how best to go to the bathroom in the gown too – hey, we never said this was going to be easy!

Get to know your bustle
If your gown has a train, you’ll need to bustle it for dancing in the evening. Ask your seamstress how the bustle works and get your dress buddy to learn how to do it too. Practise it a few times, as you may well be a few glasses of champagne-down when it comes to bustling it on the night.


Move around
Sit, stand and dance around the boutique. Make sure the dress doesn’t feel too tight or restrictive anywhere and you can look amazing and dance the night away in your gown.

Speak up
Now is not the time to be polite. If you’re unhappy with the way something is fitting or you’re not feeling comfortable, ask if it can be altered. If your seamstress says it can’t be done, there’s usually a good reason for it - but if you’re really unhappy there’s nothing wrong with taking your gown to someone else for a second opinion.

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