The new ways to walk down the aisle

You’ll love these modern walking down the aisle alternatives

wedding aisle
Work the wedding aisle. Image: Instagram/@ryan.marto

If you don’t fancy having your dad walk you down the aisle to ‘give you away’, that’s not a problem. These days there are so many alternatives and here are some ideas to get you started…

Double the dads
You may want to have your dad by your side, but you may also have a stepdad that you’d like to include too. We are in an age now where extended families are so common, so don’t be afraid to get both your dad and stepdad in on the action!

Parental guidance
Your loving parents would probably jump at the chance to walk you down the aisle together. This isn’t about being given away, it’s more about your parents playing a big part in your special day.

Get the kids involved
If you’ve already started a family, you may want to include them in some way and walking down the aisle is the perfect place to showcase your bond. Top tip: dressing them in an adorable outfit will double the cute factor!


Meet in the middle
The key to love is compromise, so why not share the walk with your other half? He can head up the aisle to meet you and then you can complete the final steps together – starting your married life as you mean to go on.

The groom
Who said it has to be you doing all of the walking? Switch it up and let him make the statement entrance – no need to bother with the dress and tiara though…

The bride
As a strong, independent woman you could turn that aisle into your runway and strut your stuff on your own to the very end. It’s one way to guarantee all eyes are on you!


Both of you
One of our favourite walking down the aisle alternatives has to be doing the walk together. As well as turning your back on tradition, it shows unity and confidence. It’s also a nice way for you to both share the limelight – after all, the day is about the two of you!

Neither of you
If you're nervous about a big entrance, you could always do away with aisle altogether. Yeah, it might be a traditional wedding thing, but nobody says you have to have it. Instead of your guests being sat in rows you could opt for a ceremony circle instead.

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