The things you won’t see on your wedding day

Think you’ll know everything that goes down at your wedding? Think again!  

The things you won’t see on your wedding day
WEdding day moments you won't be part of. Image: Getty Images

While you’re busy having the best day of your life, there are a few wedding moments that are guaranteed to happen throughout your big day. Find out just what all your wedding guests will get up to…

1. Two single guests will couple up
Spent ages trying to orchestrate a new romance with your seating plan? Everyone likes to play matchmaker at a wedding, but chances are the people you thought would get together, won’t – it’s always two unlikely guests who hit it off and spend the whole day flirting. And in a dream world fall madly in love and ask you to be maid of honour at their wedding, obvs.


2. There will be an epic dance-off
Despite you spending pretty much all of the night on the dance floor, it will always be when you go and grab a drink or nip to the loo that something serious goes down. We’re talking a full-on, no-holds-barred dance-off between an usher and bridesmaid. Good job someone was filming it or you wouldn’t have believed Pete managed the splits…  

3. Someone will get a little too ‘merry’
Weddings and alcohol tend to go hand in hand, but there’s always someone who gets a little carried away with the table wine and champagne toasts. This is where your W-day crack team come into their own, whisking Drunky McDrunkFace off outside for a strong coffee and some fresh air before they end up head-first in the wedding cake. All without you ever realising. Smooth, very smooth.

4. The most unlikely person will cry
Everyone had their money on your mum and sister working their way through a box of tissues during the ceremony, but who’d have thought your fiancé’s five-a-side teammate would be the one quietly sobbing during the vows? You’ll be so wrapped up you won’t spot it, but his friends will enjoy filling you in the next day!


5. A couple of little things will go wrong
As far as you’re concerned the day went completely and utterly to plan, but there will always be very minor things that don’t quite work out. The guestbook is laid out without a pen (don’t worry, the best man tracked one down), the table runners were on upside down and the flower girl wasn’t wearing her sash. Pre-big day you’d have thought these things were HUGE disasters that rendered the day a failure, but post-wedding? Pah, you didn’t even notice.

6. Your gran will do a shot
All the best stories come out over breakfast the morning after the night before, and we guarantee there will be one in there that really leaves you gobsmacked. Gran, doing shots of Sambuca at the bar with your cousin Janine? Who knew she had it in her? Go granny!

Words by Sarah Dawson

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