What to do after your wedding

All that wedding planning is finally done. Here's what to do now you’re Mr & Mrs

What to do after your wedding
Make the most of married life. Image: Getty Images

The wedding’s over, so what now? Here’s how to make the first year of marriage your best together yet!

Planning a wedding takes over your life in a big way, so it’s totally normal to feel a bit flat after the last bottle of champagne has been drunk and your amazing honeymoon tan has disappeared. But your wedding is only the start of the adventure – you just need to focus on each other…

1. Make the most of your freedom
Wedding planning’s fun, but you’ll love the free time when it’s all over. Make the most of evenings away from your spreadsheets by planning lots of dates. They don’t have to be expensive, but weekly post-work drinks together or a lazy Sunday lunch will make you remember exactly why you put all that effort into tying the knot in the first place!

2. Mark those milestones
Whether your wedding happened a month or seven months to the day, all those little anniversaries are a fun excuse for a mini celebration! It doesn’t have to be anything big, but even a glass of prosecco together or writing your husband a cute card will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.


3. Show off your photos
Don’t leave your beautiful wedding photos languishing on a memory stick – buy a big multi photo frame and fill it with your favourite shots of the day. It’s a fun thing to do together, and you’ll smile every time you see it up on the wall.

4. Keep in touch
One of the best things about weddings is how they bring you even closer to your family and friends. Spend the year arranging fun activities with your nearest and dearest, and make a point of both going to visit far-flung wedding guests that you loved catching up with at the wedding.

5. The little things
Saying your vows on your wedding day is magical, but build on the spirit of them by doing something kind for each other every day. Whether it’s making your husband a cup of tea in the morning or him running you a bath when you get home from work, small gestures add up to a whole lotta love.


6. Set a new saving goal
Chances are you’ve spent the past year putting every spare penny into the wedding fund, so set a fresh goal for your newly freed-up finances. Whether it’s putting some money aside for honeymoon mark two, or buying things for your home that you’ve scrimped on in run-up to the wedding, make the most of having a little more cash to do fun stuff with!

7. Be a bit soppy
It’s totally not weird to refer to each other as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ ALL the time – it’s super fun and it’s not like you can say it to anybody else! In our experience, it takes a looong time for the novelty of being a Mrs to start to wear off!

8. Hopes and dreams
Even if you’re ultra-close before the wedding, there’s something about being married that makes you feel entirely secure in your relationship. Start thinking about the long-term goals you have for your life together, safe in the knowledge that you’re in this as a team, like never before.

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