Couples’ wedding workouts for you and your fiancé

Fun wedding workout ideas to try with your partner

Couples’ wedding workouts for you and your fiancé
Get fit together. Image: Getty Images

Strengthen your body and your bond with these wedding workouts – perfect for doing with your fiancé. You know what they say, couples that train together…

The best things about working out as a couple:

  • Spending more time together = always a bonus!
  • Helping and encouraging one another will build your trust with each other.
  • Having your husband-to-be to compete with is all the motivation you need to work harder.
  • He will get it when you ban chocolate cake and start doing ‘quinoa Saturdays’.
  • You’ll see each other at your worst (aka sweaty, smelly and somewhat dishevelled) – and you’ll still want to get married. That’s true love right there!


Weight training
You want: To improve your strength and burn fat
He wants: To build muscle
Gone are the days where weight lifting was seen as a man’s sport – more women are lifting now than ever – and with good reason! Pumping iron will help you lose fat, build muscle, and combat stress. Training in pairs definitely has its benefits – while one trains, the other can rest and keep count of the reps. 

You want: To tone your upper and lower body
He wants: To learn some new fitness skills
Work out those wedding differences with a class that’ll get every muscle in your body working. While fun for both of you to learn some new techniques, kickboxing is a total-body workout that will blast your arms, legs, core, glutes and back into shape. Just make sure you’re aiming for the punch bag... 


Trail running
You want: To exercise in the great outdoors
He wants: To lose weight
Head outside and get a much-needed dose of fresh air while blasting away a potential 300 calories in half an hour. A route that takes you past pretty scenery means you won’t get bored – plus, running with someone else will push you that little bit further. A little bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, eh?! 

At-home workouts
You want: To work out in privacy
He wants: to exercise around his hectic schedule
Chuck on your Call On Me gear and turn your living room into your own personal studio space. With YouTube exercise tutorials aplenty and a continuous release of new workout DVDs, you and your partner can train as and when you like, to your own ability and (the best part) in the comfort of your own home. 


Vinyasa yoga
You want: To improve your core muscles
He wants: To zone out from work stress
Relax, unwind and sweat out any wedding day worries in this class that will help you to reconnect with yourself and each other. You’ll benefit from the intense poses that will sculpt and strengthen your body, while he’ll enjoy the meditative side and the breath-synchronized movements that this type of yoga is all about.

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