One month until your wedding day? How to keep calm and marry on

How to survive the last month of wedding planning

One month until your wedding day? How to keep calm and marry on
What to do a month before your wedding day. Image: Getty Images

You’ve been planning your wedding day for at least a year, but now there’s only one month to go until the big day! Here’s how to create a handy month-before wedding checklist and keep those stress levels to a minimum.

Make wedding checklists
Whether they’re on your phone, in a notebook or scribbled on the back of your fiancé’s hand, checklists are a good way to make sure all those wedding jobs stay under control. If you want to be really professional, make a spreadsheet and add notes and get colour coding.

Get organised
Lists are a great way to start, but now is the time to make sure you are actually ticking off those wedding planning tasks. Get in touch with vendors and double check timings, try on your wedding outfit to make sure it's perfect and finish up all those DIY projects.


Go through everything
Finalise your wedding day timeline with your fiancé and make any necessary tweaks, then share it with your bridal party. They need to know what they are expected to do on the big day and where they need to be when.

Avoid ‘week before stress’
Now is not the time to procrastinate! Don’t wait until the week before your wedding to get yourself organised – do as much as you can now and be kind to your future self.

Accept help
You know all those people offering to help? They genuinely want to. Take them up on the offer and ask them to help you wrap thank you presents, pick up your wedding accessories or help you finish the seating plan.


Treat yourself
Don’t panic. You still have time to organise a wedding and enjoy yourself! Celebrate the moment by booking in a massage or going out to dinner with your other half (no wedding talk allowed).

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Ditch nightmare projects
You know those ridiculously complicated table centres? Or those papier mache tree lanterns that you still haven’t finished? Here's a secret - no one will actually notice if they’re not there. Get rid of any unnecessary big day stress and give yourself a break.

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